The platform includes a wealth of useful features, listing all would make this page a little more detailed so we present the most important and mostly used ones. These are the features that make it really powerful and effective, without which a web store operator suffers and sooner or later gives it up. If we think that we don't need a lot of them when we have 5 to 10 orders a day, we can not imagine our lives without them when we have 100-200.

  • Multi webstore management

    MultiWebstore platform is a multi-store system: tracking the entire lifetime of orders from multiple webshops on a common administration panel. Multiple webstore frontends can be integrated using our api based backend integration solution (magento, woo commerce, shoprenter and any other custom solution). We also provide a seo optimized feature rich own webshop frontend as well.

  • Order tracking

    Complete order cycle tracking, from order arrival to fulfilment: shipping to customer and payment. Tracking the entire lifetime of orders from multiple webshops on a common administration panel.

  • Parcel management

    Complete package cycle tracking: From the creation of the package, you can track the life-cycle of the packet through a variety of statuses. The statuses can be expanded, optionally renamed. Barcode reader support is enabled to speed up packet management. The system supports the existing large courier companies package format. You can export to the courier program, so packet tag production is quick and there is no mistake you can make during the process.

  • Product management

    Ensure product maintenance. A product may be included in several webshops with different prices. All product data is stored in the system, which can be changed at any time.

  • Handling customers

    Customers from orders are stored, so data if can be easily used for other marketing purposes in compliance with the GDPR regularizations. Sending bulk email notifications and custom emails and SMS messages to support the order fulfillment process

  • Invoicing, sales certificate generation

    Invoicing from the orders, creating invoice copies and storno invoices are built in. Barcode reading is supported, which can speed up the process of handling the invoices. Invoices can be created and printed individually or in bulk. Invoices can be exported and integration with accounting software is supported and can be implemented.

  • Vendor, supplier order and inventory management

    Based on informations about the quantity of products your customers ordered, the system can aggregate the volume of products to be ordered from different suppliers. Supplier invoices can be stored and stock change can be tracked. Use of multiple storages is supported.

  • Email, SMS sending individually and in bulk

    The system handles email and SMS templates, so you can send emails or SMS messages individually or in bulk to your customers based on the order or the packets. For example, when the customers package is ready, you can notified him about the fact that he will receive the package the next day.

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We have built a MultiWebstore platform demo page to show the features of the system. To access the demo page please e-mail us for the details.

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