The complete solution for web stores


Multiple web stores, single admin panel

Use a single platform to manage your web stores, no matter which webshop engines drive them


Customer management

Customer data management, e-mail and SMS alert generation, discount card and loyalty program management


Order tracking

Complete order cycle tracking, from order arrival to fulfilment: shipping to customer and payment


Product, vendor and inventory management

Complete administration of products, brands, suppliers, webshop operating companies, warehouses and inventories


Invoicing, shipping forms, sales certificate generation

Invoice generation directly from orders, pre/advance payment tracking, shipping forms generation, certificate printing, both individually and in bulk


Supplier management

Product ordering directly from suppliers, supplier invoice registration based on orders, inventory management based on supplier invoicing


Parcel management

Dedicated shipping label printing, order data transmission to courier companies for label printing, parcel tracking

It helps you track and manage your webshops and their processes


MultiWebstore Platform is a complete "multistore" web store management system. By using one interface, you can administer the background processes of your webshops from the receipt of the order to the full service of the buyers. Simply, comfortably, professionally.

MultiWebstore Platform is a backend system designed specifically to support the operation of webshops and / or packet logistics companies, not simply a business management or billing system.

MultiWebstore Platform is an online interface that can be used in any modern browser. You can save your work environment to any device you use, always able to use your latest settings.

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Partnering for Profit

The MultiWebstore platform helps increase profits by optimizing and automating internal processes. Every minute that is currently wasted by carrying out a multitude of customer fulfillment tasks manually, tasks which could be automated with proper software, will now be a minute gained.

A savings of five minutes per customer translates to significant practical gains. The sheer number of manual processes to execute, as well as the requirements for data transfer between programs leads to frequent errors. Reducing or eliminating these errors leads to increased profitability.

The Multiwebstore platform development team is constantly working on finding new ways to optimize web store processes. We are dedicated to making the best use of IT in the quest for increased profit.

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